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Welcome to Matrix Online School!

Our diplomas are valid across the USA, Canada and all over the world.

Matrix Academy is a full day school licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education

(It is included in the list of licensed private schools)

In addition to our onsite classes we offer virtual classes for elementary, middle and high-school students.

In these challenging times when the schools are closed, we invite your children to join our online classes. For the time being, we will deliver on-line education free of charge. This is our contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please help us continue with our free school. Any donation would make a big difference.  Thank you!donate now button. donate now rounded blue sign. donate now

Matrix Academy is a private day school. Our mission is to engage students of all academic backgrounds to become unique, active learners. We are fully licensed in Ontario. We are dedicated to an individual learning approach and close collaboration between students, teachers, and parents. We’re more than a school — we’re a family.

Official transcripts will be provided only to enrolled students
who signed an official contract and paid tuition fees