Matrix Academy is offering non-credit online courses for the following subjects


Math Gr 9 – MPM1D

Math Gr 10 – MPM2D

Science Gr. 9 – SNC1D

Science Gr 10 – SNC2D

French Gr. 9 – FSF10

Geography Gr 9 – GCG1D


All the courses are entirely based on the Ontario curriculum and students will have to cover all the topics required with respect to curriculum expectations.


Why do Non-Credit Courses Matter?


  • Students can start a non-credit course at any time during the year
  • Our courses allow students to continuously review concepts needed for the next grade (e.g., students in Ontario take one math/science course per year and they need to wait until the next year to be enrolled. This way they won’t have gaps in their studies
  • This is a cheaper way of tutoring
  • With online courses, students can study in the comfort of their homes.


As for credit courses we can offer them either in September or January